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Mahjoub: End in sight, Federal Court decision any day now

an update from the Justice for Mahjoub Committee
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Mahjoub’s gruelling 13 year fight for freedom could be coming to an end, or be entering a new phase any day now. This is an update to supporters and a call for actions.

Justice Blanchard is expected to deliver a decision on Mahjoub’s security certificate fileand his abuse of process motion sometime in the near future.

Just this month the Canadian Press reported that in October 2009, Bob Paulson, the current head of the RCMP intervening for that organization insisted “As it is being applied now the (security certificate) is completely off the rails.” That he was still chosen to lead the RCMP shows that this fact is well-accepted within Canadian security and intelligence circles.

Yet the case against Mr Mahjoub, as well as Mr Jaballah and Mr Harkat, continues.

In the months to come Mr Mahjoub may have his certificate deemed unreasonable and he could walk free. Or Justice Blanchard could bend to political pressure, and uphold the reasonability of the security certificate, forcing Mr Mahjoub to appeal the decision all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Mr Mahjoub’s life rests in the hands of a court before which he has never been charged. The judge making the decision is privy to allegations that Mr Mahjoub has been barred from seeing and thus from defending himself against.

We have no faith in such an unjust legal system but we do believe in the power of people. Over the last thirteen years, countless community mobilizations have pushed back against the security certificate regime, leading to them being deemed unconstitutional in 2008 and resulting in the freeing of Adil Charkoui and Hassan Almrei.

We are calling on supporters to take action when the decision is rendered. To celebrate our power and call for accountability if Mr Mahjoub is set free, and to show our displeasure if he is not. We will have one week’s notice before the decision is made and will be letting our supporters know immediately. Please plan actions that you can organize quickly and email to make sure you are the first to get any updates. If you are on facebook, please “like”

Though we believe that if justice has any role in the outcome, Mr Mahjoub will soon finally be free from the security certificate that has consumed his life for the last thirteen years and that those who sought to destroy his life will be held accountable, we also know that the decks are stacked against him.
If the Security Certificate is deemed reasonable, all legal appeals will be considered and we will be calling our supporters for actions. At the same time on October 10th, Mr Harkat will be at the Supreme Court in Fall of 2013 contesting the constitutionality of the security certificate process for a second time.

We will be updating our supporters when new information becomes available.

In struggle and solidarity,
Justice for Mahjoub Committee


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