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The Justice for Jaballah Committee was formed in the fall of 2012 to accompany and support Mahmoud Jaballah.

Held continuously on a security certificate since August 2011, Mahmoud has spent more than six years in prison (a year in solitary confinement), and was released under stringent conditions in 2007.

Condemned internationally, security certificate legislation violates the most basic principles of natural justice. It allows the Canadian government to arrest and indefinitely detain a non-citizen without ever charging them.

Deeply concerned about national security policies that target Muslims in particular following the events of 9-11, the Justice for Jaballah Committee calls for:

1) The immediate and unconditional release of Mahmoud Jaballah, Mohammad Mahjoub and Mohamed Harkat.

2) The repeal of security certificate legislation.

3) An apology, reparations and Canadian citizenship for Mahmoud Jaballah.

Members of the committee believe all human beings are entitled to respect and to the recognition of their inherent dignity. We endeavour to treat all people accordingly, including those whom we may oppose, thus embodying nonviolence in our actions and our language.

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